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Tchelet (Azure)

Kadima Zoran

In the heart of the Sharon region, at the outskirts of the Kadima Forest, on one of the last remaining and largest land reserves in the Sharon area, Canada-Israel is establishing the "Tchelet” village — a unique neighborhood that includes approximately 1,000 residential units planned and designed by the architect Ilan Pivko, and which will bestow on its residents the lifestyle of a small high quality village.

The vision guiding the planning of the village, which is in the stage of maturing, is based on the aspiration to provide its residents with the sense of open spaces, nature and a feeling of community. This vision was specified by the architect in various elements of the planning and design of the project — both in the houses themselves: expansive villas surrounded by green gardens that enjoy large open spaces, smart planning and saturated and high quality construction; as well as public spaces that include open green areas and an abundance of community services such as education and recreation centers, entertainment areas, cafes and shops.