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Midtown Offices

The combination of innovative design, height, smart and flexible planning, winning location and stringent standards of construction make the Midtown Office Tower a central icon of Midtown Tel Aviv and of the entire city.

The Midtown Office Tower rises to a height of 50 storeys and offers an exceptional solution to the ever-changing requirements of the Tel Aviv business world – luxury, prestigious offices in a variety of sizes, with modular workspaces that can be individually customized, in the heart of the business center of Tel Aviv. The tower is wrapped in screen walls that impart to it a dynamic, contemporary appearance, as well as providing optimum thermal and acoustic insulation and enables complete enjoyment of the lively urban fabric around it and the fascinating Tel Aviv scenery in all its majesty, together with maximum quiet and comfort essential for a work environment.

It is becoming evident that the location of the Midtown Tower in the lively heart of the business center of the city is one of its greatest advantages: It enables those working there to benefit from the proximity to the important business and culture centers of the city, close to the Courts, Tel Aviv Museum and the Stock Exchange, without needing to move their vehicles during the day. Furthermore, the attractive location ensures easy accessibility and maximum mobility for employees and visitors, thanks to proximity to the main entry points to the city, the train station and the red line of the planned Light Train.