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Derech Menachem Begin 144 Tel-Aviv

The Midtown project is a revolutionary enterprise drawing inspiration from the great cities of the world, which brought a new message to the city of Tel Aviv and defined in its heart a new urban region – the Midtown of Tel Aviv. This innovative urban complex integrates office towers, residences, shops, galleries, clubs, restaurants, cafes and lively street life, at walking distance from the business and cultural centers of Tel Aviv: close to the Tel Aviv Museum, the Camari Theater and the Opera and just minutes from the cafes and restaurants of Ibn Gvirol and all the good things the city has to offer. Midtown Tel Aviv succeeded in its audacity to redefine the boundaries of the city center and generated great interest in all the surrounding area.

The residential tower of Midtown is an extraordinary and prestigious tower that rises to a height of 50 storeys and includes an abundance of facilities for the benefit of the residents — public areas, a swimming pool and more. Under the direction of Professor Moshe Tzur the building was planned to bestow upon its residents an exciting residential experience – a sense of space opposite the horizon of Tel Aviv in an embracing and indulging environment. The various apartments in the tower excel in their uncompromising quality and finish of the highest standards — both in their unique design and in the meticulously selected materials as well as in the planning that provides optimum comfort.