About Us

The Israel Canada Group is involved in locating, promoting and enhancing properties.
Israel Canada under the ownership of Barak Rosen and Assaf Tuchmeir, is driven by a clear strategy known as Different and Better. In every project, every planning, in every aspect of the customer service array, the company aspires to look beyond the piece of ground, beyond the blueprints and to envision the complete picture, which includes the quality of life that will be an integral part of every completed project.

For the past two decades the Israel Canada Group has been investing in selected real estate projects in Israel and abroad, while offering its loyal investors a wide variety of unique profit yielding investment alternatives. The Group´s investment strategy was developed and perfected over the years, and its essence is understanding existing trends in the market, assessment of future trends, identification of potential and smart investment.

The Group possesses extensive assets in strategic locations in Israel and Europe: from prestigious residential projects, through commercial assets to thousands of dunams of select areas in unique locations throughout the world. The solidity of the Group, the reputation it has accumulated, its experience and extent of activity all establish its status as a leading real estate Group.

About Assi and Barak
The story of Canada-Israel is the story of its founders — Barak Rosen and Assaf Tuchmeir — who by means of combining attributes that included daring, vision, professionalism, thoroughness, reliability and real passion for accomplishments, transformed their life´s work into a success story.

Two decades ago Tuchmeir and Rosen began their careers in the industry as real estate agents, and already at the outset were singled out as very promising. Some time later they decided to leverage their joint energy and set out on an independent venture. They founded "Penthouse Real Estate” and from there continued to the development and enhancement of land in the North of Israel and to wide-ranging international activity that began in Canada.

The fact that they began their careers from "below” by selling assets in the real world to actual people has turned out to be one of their greatest advantages. Their growth from within the industry taught them to identify what people seek, and their abundant experience enables them to reach higher levels of expertise.

The company´s success is based on the interpersonal connections of those at the helm — with each another, with their clients, with their partners, with their investors and of course with their employees. The professional and exceptional managerial team working in the company for years enables the company to benefit from stable connections with investors, who have accompanied them the outset, believe in them and permit them to develop safely and carefully.